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Let’s be honest: no one wants a lawyer, but sometimes you need one. And if you need a criminal lawyer, you need the best. After all, your life, livelihood, and liberty are at stake — what could be more important?

As one client recently told us, “Jail sucks, man.” Indeed it does. Jail can ruin your whole day. If the DA wants to put you in jail, you better not fool around.

Rob Reuland is one of the most experienced and respected criminal attorneys lawyers in New York City, and he can help you. Our firm specializes in high profile, serious felonies. We practice criminal defense law. We mean business, and we get results.

When we agree to take you on a new client, we promise to give your case our utmost attention. We don’t jerk you around. We don’t judge you. We answer your questions. We pick up the phone when you call. You’re not just one of a hundred clients we’re juggling. We know you. We know your mother. We know your girlfriend. We know what you’re going through because we’ve been there hundreds of times already.

At this law firm, we don’t play games with you. We’re not doing this to get rich. We actually believe someone needs to stand up for people accused of committing serious crimes. When you hire us, we make the DA prove their case. We make the DA work, and if he can’t prove his case you go home. Period.


Arrested? You Need a Criminal Attorney Who Fights for You

Rob Reuland is a criminal trial attorney, not a high volume “take the fee, get the plea” law firm. If you’ve been indicted, what you don’t need is a lawyer who takes your money and won’t give you a straight answer. You don’t need a lawyer who doesn’t know his way around a courtroom and a jury. You don’t need a lawyer who wants to cop you out quick and dirty so he can move on to the next case.

What you do need is a lawyer who knows the prosecutors, who knows the judges, who knows the law, and who can get the job done. We have a strong record of trial acquittals, dismissals, and favorable resolutions of even the hardest cases. We try cases. We’re not afraid of a fight. In fact, Rob Reuland tries more criminal cases to a jury in a year than most lawyers will ever do in a lifetime. That’s the experience you need on your side.

Be advised we are not here to hold your hand and tell you everything will be fine. We will be honest with you. If you’ve been indicted, the chance you’ll walk away without a scratch is slim. You face an uphill battle to prove your innocence or to attain a favorable outcome to your case. Anyone who promises you otherwise is being creative with the truth.

All we promise is to do our best — and our best is pretty damn good.


Why Should We Be Your Criminal Lawyer?

As a former senior Brooklyn homicide prosecutor with two decades of legal experience, Rob Reuland knows the criminal justice system inside-out and will fight hard for you. Recognized as a “prominent Brooklyn defense attorney” in the newspapers, you may have seen Rob on the local and national news shows as well as programs as diverse as Dateline, Court TV, NY1, 48 Hours, and even Tyra Banks.

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Throughout his long legal career Rob has committed himself to excellence and he can handle any criminal case from the simplest misdemeanor to the most complex felony in state or federal court.

If you are under arrest, charged with a crime, or believe you are under investigation, you must act now to ensure that your legal rights are preserved. Rob has a hard-won reputation for doing the right thing, taking on the bullies, and winning against long odds.


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