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Preserve your rights! Call a criminal defense lawyer today

For a free consultation contact Robert Reuland, a New York Criminal Defense attorney, at 718-300-0626 anytime.

Rob is available to represent you or your loved one anywhere in New York City. He has a proven record in handling the most serious criminal offenses.

We are also able to meet individuals on Rikers, the MCC, or at any NYPD station house or agency. We can also accomodate prison visits to incarcerated clients, and we will accept collect calls from city, state, or federal jails and penitentiaries.

If you or a loved one have just been arrested, we urge you to telephone immediately in order to preserve your rights. The police have been shown to take advantage of persons without legal representation.

Law Offices of Robert C. Reuland, P.C.
26 Court Street, Suite 1406
Brooklyn, New York  11242

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26 Court Street, Suite 1406
Brooklyn, New York 11242