Bloomberg Mouths Off Yet Again

The billionaire who is our mayor has again seen fit to give his opinion on something he knows nothing about: our criminal justice system.

The same mayor who is trying to end criminal jury trials¬†for indigents¬†(because they are too expensive, he says) and who castigates sitting judges for doing their jobs (judges who, by the way, cannot ethically answer him back) is now attacking Brooklyn DA Joe Hynes for his handing of sex abuse incidents in the Hasidic community. Interestingly, the mayor has not to my knowledge ever publicly taken his fellow high society swell Cy Vance Jr. to task for anything . . . not for his mishandling of DSK, not for his turning the nation’s premier prosecutor’s office into a laughingstock.

In my view, the mayor’s record on criminal justice issues is simply so poor that he lacks any moral authority to criticize Hynes on any score much less his attempts to unravel the Gordion knot that is sex crime in an insular and atavistic community.


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