Casey Anthony Freed from Jail

Hide your children— Casey Anthony was sprung from a Florida jail early Sunday.

The notorious mom, acquitted this month of killing her 2-year-old daughter, strolled out of the Orange County jail just after midnight wearing a short-sleeve top and blue jeans.

Here’s what I don’t get, and maybe some learned criminal justice professional (since, clearly, I am no such animal) can explain it to me: exactly why is the media convinced Casey Anthony killed her kid? Do they know something the jury didn’t? Did the government hide evidence from the jury and secretly give it to the media? More significantly, is the media now the functional equivalent of a jury, passing judgment upon all and sundry?

Because I thought I woke up this morning in the United States, where we have a little document called the Constitution, which ensures that when the government calls us names (e.g. “Killer!”) they have an obligation to prove it to a jury, and if they can’t prove it to a jury we go home. Period. And if we go home when the government can’t prove their case, is it fair for the media to convict us in newsprint? As sort of double jeopardy? No, and hell no.

We saw this same crap with the rape acquittal of the two cops in New York this May. Afterwards, the media seemed to fall over itself to tell us how pissed off they were at such a phenomenal miscarriage of justice. Did any newspaper take the time to consider that, well, maybe the jury found no evidence of rape, nor certainly proof beyond a reasonable doubt? I didn’t see any such reporting. Instead, there was a citywide orgy of head-shaking: juries are so stupid, it all seemed to suggest, to find themselves mislead once again from the truth by conniving lawyers. Please.

Juries make mistakes, believe me. But like democracy they’re the worst option except for all the others. If the media has actual proof that the Casey Anthony jury blew it, then let’s see their proof. Otherwise they should shut the fuck up and accept the jury verdict for what it is legally speaking: fact.

The full story on Casey Anthony’s release is the New York Daily News here.


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