Reuland Speaks on Durst

Robert Reuland and other well-known criminal defense lawyers speak out in the Real Deal blog on the recent arrest of Robert Durst, available here.

In part, Reuland states:

Robert Durst’s arrest earlier this month, on the eve of the finale of the documentary that catapulted his case back into the zeitgeist, struck some as suspicious. Could the timeline of an HBO show so overtly influence the actions of law enforcement? If the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office really had a solid case, why didn’t they act sooner?


“They suddenly decided that they had a case against this guy on the night [before] the documentary is broadcast?” asked Robert Reuland, a former Senior Assistant District Attorney in the Homicide Bureau for King’s County who now works as a criminal defense lawyer. “Sounds to me like someone is embarrassed and decided they had to do something about it.”


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