The Race for Brooklyn DA

  The race is on here in Brooklyn for the job of District Attorney, and while many have thrown their hats into the ring the best candidate by a country mile is Eric Gonzalez.   Eric served under Ken Thompson, who died suddenly in office

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I Get Beat Up

  Twenty-four hours ago I got the snot beat out of me on a Brooklyn street corner. Today I’m sore, physically and spiritually, but uncharacteristically full of wisdom. Here is what I learned.   A beautiful day, I was driving my car, windows open to

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Killer Cop Myth?

Here is an interesting read in the Post: To hear the media tell it, America is in the grip of an unprecedented crime wave, an orgy of wanton murder in which heavily armed thugs randomly gun down innocent unarmed people, some of them teens, just

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Reuland Speaks on Durst

Robert Reuland and other well-known criminal defense lawyers speak out in the Real Deal blog on the recent arrest of Robert Durst, available here. In part, Reuland states: Robert Durst’s arrest earlier this month, on the eve of the finale of the documentary that catapulted

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Cop Indicted in Brooklyn

The indictment voted last week against police officer Peter Liang provides Brooklyn DA Kenneth Thompson the same political cover beneath which prosecutors hid in similar cases in Staten Island and Ferguson—the grand jury—albeit with an important difference: in Brooklyn, the DA isn’t running for cover.

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Cops Shot — Who’s to Blame?

Twenty-five years ago I moved from the Upper West Side to Park Slope, then a marginal neighborhood in a marginal borough. Crime of course was a grim feature of Manhattan life then, but it was worse in Brooklyn. Often, when I stepped into a taxi

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A Blood Sacrifice for the NYPD

Interesting read by Chase Madar in the current Jacobin online magazine. Mr. Madar makes the begins: American police can generally get away with killing someone, whether it was a reckless mistake or an act of sadism. Few expect the NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo, who fatally

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Freedom to Fly

I took a friend for a flight up the VFR corridor over the Hudson River, which puts you at skyscraper height along the west side of Manhattan – in other words a trip certainly on the ten best list of things you can do with

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Putin Annexes Sheepshead Bay

Russian President Vladimir Putin today announced in Moscow that he had signed a unilateral treaty of accession to bring the Sheepshead Bay neighborhood of Brooklyn into the Russian Federation. In a brief ceremony at the Kremlin, Mr. Putin executed the document before handing the pen

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Thompson New Bklyn DA

Congratulations to Ken! This is the start of a new era, and we all wish him the best as he begins his new job. There is much good in the Brooklyn DA’s office. There are many hardworking professional men and women there. Also in his

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