Challenger Wins Primary for Brooklyn District Attorney

The New York Times is reporting: Kenneth P. Thompson, a former federal prosecutor, performed the rare feat of defeating a sitting district attorney by beating Brooklyn’s six-term incumbent, Charles J. Hynes, on Tuesday in the Democratic primary.    

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Reuland and Hynes

Joe Sexton from ProPublica saw fit to run a story on me: “Brooklyn DA,” CBS’s controversial behind-the-scenes series on the life and work of the borough’s prosecutors, debuted Tuesday night. Over the course of the hour, an average of 4.9 million folks tuned in. Robert

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Gays and the Boy Scouts

The Boy Scouts’ pained, public debate over whether to admit gays is remarkable in that there is a debate at all. Watching the protests of those favoring a continued ban I get the uncomfortable sense that I’m back in the 1970s, when I was a

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Asking Why after Newtown

Resident of Newtown are asking why along with the rest of the nation. As the New York Times reports here: Seeking solace amid overwhelming grief, residents of Newtown flocked to church services and vigils on Sunday, struggling to comprehend a tragedy that left so many

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Drop Charges Against Zimmerman?

Alan Dershowitz thinks so. He writes in the Daily News that the prosecutor, Angela Corey, seems more intent on preventing riots than in securing justice for the accused.      

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Bloomberg Mouths Off Yet Again

The billionaire who is our mayor has again seen fit to give his opinion on something he knows nothing about: our criminal justice system. The same mayor who is trying to end criminal jury trials for indigents (because they are too expensive, he says) and who castigates

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Many in U.S. Are Arrested by Age 23

The Times is reporting here on a study showing that: By age 23, almost a third of Americans have been arrested for a crime, according to a new study that researchers say is a measure of growing exposure to the criminal justice system in everyday

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Jury Nullification a Constitutional Right?

Today’s New York Times contains an op-ed by an ex-prosecutor/current law professor saying that jury nullification (the practice of voting not guilty when the jury disagrees with the criminal charge even when guilt had been proven beyond a reasonable doubt) is a “constitutional doctrine.” If

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No Plea Bargains for Cop Killer

There will be no plea bargaining in the case against the defendant accused in the killing of Brooklyn police officer Peter Figoski. According to the Daily News: Brooklyn prosecutors said Tuesday they won’t cut any deals with the suspects in the slaying of hero cop

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Mayor Rips Judge Who Freed Accused Cop Killer

The Daily News is reporting here that Mayor Bloomberg blasted the Brooklyn judge who freed accused cop killer Lamont Pride without bail last month — saying one quick phone call could have prevented a tragedy. When Pride was picked up for crack possession near Coney

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