Smoking Gunman Nic Fit

Gunshot wounds be damned — nothing beats a good smoke after a shootout. A thug who allegedly gunned down a Brooklyn used-car dealer and was himself shot in the spine seconds later by a dealership employee incredibly begged the man who paralyzed him for a

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In Social Media Postings, a Trove for Investigators

First, Facebook helped get Rodney Bradford out of jail; later, it threatened to send him back. In 2009, the social networking site helped exonerate Mr. Bradford after prosecutors charged him with a robbery in Brooklyn. Mr. Bradford countered that he was at his father’s home in

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Brooklyn Broomstick Mom Sentenced to 16 Yrs

She treated her children like “animals” — savagely beating one to death with a broomstick in 2008 — and now a deranged Brooklyn mother will be the one who is caged. Florencia Vasquez, who earlier this month pled guilty to killing her 11-year-old daughter Alejandra,

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Facebook Alibi Saves Jailed Teen

Pass the syrup — this lucky guy is eating breakfast at home instead of on Rikers Island. A Brooklyn teen’s playful Facebook message to his pregnant girlfriend about pancakes sprung him from jail and helped him avoid years in prison for a holdup he didn’t

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His Facebook Status Now? ‘Charges Dropped’

Where’s my pancakes, read Rodney Bradford’s Facebook page, in a message typed on Saturday, Oct. 17, at 11:49 a.m., from a computer in his father’s apartment in Harlem. At the time, the sentence, written in indecipherable street slang, was just another navel-gazing, cryptic Facebook status

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I’m Innocent. Just Check My Status on Facebook.

The message on Rodney Bradford’s Facebook page, posted at 11:49 a.m. on Oct. 17, asked where his pancakes were. The words were typed from a computer in his father’s apartment in Harlem. At the time, the sentence, written in street slang, was just another navel-gazing, cryptic

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No Injustice in Shem Walker Delays

The following is an Op-Ed by Robert Reuland that appeared on the New York Times’ blog “The Local” on October 6, 2009. The article is available here. If you didn’t know any better, you might believe the criminal justice system has something to do with

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Ex-con May Choke on Own Poison Pen

A Queens tax preparer already charged with fraud sent a bigwig at the district attorney’s office two letters threatening to kill her – one containing a drawing of a tombstone. “I finally got my 9 mil gun and I am insane,” Jack Chang, 54, allegedly wrote to Gilda

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Queens Accountant Is Charged With Threatening to Kill a Prosecutor

An accountant from Queens who was convicted of grand larceny in 1995 and indicted on similar counts in April has been arrested on charges that he threatened to kill the Manhattan prosecutor who handled both cases, officials said on Wednesday. The accountant, Jack Chang, of

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What Mop, Asks Beating Victim Alejandra Vazquez’s Mom

The lawyer for a Brooklyn mom charged with beating her 11-year-old daughter to death with a mop handle said Tuesday the girl fell while hanging a shower curtain. Florencia Vazquez, 36, stood meekly as her lawyer said she saw daughter Alejandra fall in a bathtub a

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