I’ve Just Been Arrested!

Understanding the criminal justice system in New York State


A few of our clients have been arrested more than once, but for most who seek our services this is their first arrest and first exposure to the New York criminal justice system.

What could be more harrowing than a criminal arrest? When the police put the handcuffs on, you enter a new and frightening world where the criminal charge against you will be perhaps the most significant event in your life. Your criminal case will affect your status, your relationships, your life, your liberty. Even a minor arrest could affect your reputation, your status among your friends and peers, and perhaps the job you hold. Few events in our lives can be more important, and few are so little understood, than a criminal arrest and its significance.

We all, of course, see police shows on television and in movie theaters, and we all have some rudimentary understanding of how the process works. But the reality is infinitely more complex that that portrayed on TV, and it would be dangerous to expect your arrest and subsequent criminal case to unfold as you’ve seen in a movie.

What follows is a brief synopsis of a typical felony proceeding in New York State court. While it is no substitute for the legal advice of an experienced criminal trial attorney, these articles should help explain the process and — by understanding it — help to alleviate your anxieties.


    1. You Haven’t Been Arrested . . . Yet
    2. Legal Fees
    3. Your Relationship with Your Lawyer
    4. Let Your Lawyer Work
    5. Partners-In-Crime
    6. Search and Seizure
    7. Surrender
    8. Lineups
    9. Arrest
    10. Your First Court Appearance
    11. Central Booking
    12. Arraignment
    13. Bail
    14. After Arraignment
    15. The Grand Jury
    16. Indictment
    17. Supreme Court Arraignment
    18. Calendar Calls and Appearances
    19. Plea Bargains
    20. Pre-Trial Hearings
    21. Trial
    22. Post-Trial Motions
    23. Sentencing
    24. Appeals


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