Central Booking

If you were not given a D.A.T, you are held in jail and brought before a judge in Criminal Court, usually within twenty-four hours of your arrest. Before seeing a judge, you are brought to Central Booking where your fingerprints and photograph are taken. During this period, a fingerprint report (rap sheet) is prepared which shows your criminal history, if you have one.

Meanwhile, the prosecutor consults with the police officer who arrested you. If the prosecutor decides that there is enough evidence, he will prepare the charge(s) against you. If the prosecutor decides that there is not enough evidence to prove that you committed the crime, you will be released from jail.

You will also be interviewed by a representative of the Criminal Justice Agency (C.J.A.). The purpose of this interview is to assist the judge in deciding whether to: 1) set bail, 2) release you from jail without bail (released on your own recognizance, or R.O.R.’d), or 3) hold you in jail without bail (remanded). Statements made by you may be used against you in later court proceedings. Similarly, you should provide the C.J.A. with truthful information since evidence of deceit may be introduced at trial.

If bail is set, it may be paid (posted) at any courthouse during business hours and at the jail where you are being held at any time.


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