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Experienced criminal law attorney defending clients in New York City


We are a Brooklyn Based Firm Handling All Crimes

We are a full service criminal defense firm and can handle any criminal case from inception through trial and appeal. Our specialty is serious, violent, and high-profile cases, although we are equipped to defend any criminal case you bring us.

We understand that even the smallest criminal matter can be life-altering to you, and we will treat your case with perfect discretion and professionalism whether it is a major felony or a minor misdemeanor.

Rob Reuland has successfully handled a wide variety of criminal cases as a defense attorney, and through his years as a prosecutor he has handled virtually every type of criminal matter.


Criminal Trials

Rob Reuland is not merely a criminal defense attorney but one of the few active criminal trial attorneys in New York City, averaging some six to twelve felony jury trials per year.

If you are considering hiring a criminal defense attorney, make sure to inquire how many criminal jury trials that attorney has conducted as lead counsel? How many juries has he selected? How many summations has he argued to a jury? How many verdicts has he taken?

Why is trial experience important? Simply put, if an attorney lacks the experience to press a case to trial he will be more likely to plead your case out. While plea bargains have their place in our system, a jury trial may be the only opportunity you have to vindicate your rights.

Do you really want your lawyer to “split the baby” with your life and liberty, or do you want an attorney who is ready to take your case all the way if necessary?


Post-Verdict and Appeals

Our representation does not end at trial work. If you have been convicted while represented by another attorney we can represent you on appeal or on any post-trial motion to set aside your verdict.


Aviation Defense

For pilots and aviation professionals, the Law Offices of Robert C. Reuland, P.C. is also equipped to represent you in any FAA enforcement proceeding.


Civil Litigation

In addition to our criminal and aviation defense work, we represent assist clients wishing to pursue certain civil litigation claims, such as civil rights, false arrest, malicious prosecution, and police brutality.


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