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What’s a DAT anyway?

Did the police issue you a desk appearance ticket? Instead of arresting you and hauling you off to the nightmare of central booking and criminal court arraignment, the police  may issue a DAT to secure your appearance in court on a relatively minor criminal matter.

The cops may issue a DAT in cases like petit larceny or shoplifting, criminal mischief, vandalism, smoking a joint or drinking alcohol in public.

The DAT is essentially an order for you to appear in court on a particular day. Whether the cops issue you a DAT or require you to go to central booking is left to the arresting officer and his supervisor. In our experience, after the nature of the offense, the demeanor of the defendant is the most important factor in determining whether the cops “cut you a break” with a DAT or book you.

So, as always when dealing with the police, be polite.


Take it seriously!

First of all, take your desk appearance ticket seriously! Many people blow them off, which is why the cops sometimes call them “disappearance tickets.”

DATs are not funny, however. You need to treat them with respect. If you ignore your DAT, you could find yourself in a worse position than if you had gone in to deal with the DAT up front.

Do you need a lawyer to handle a DAT? No, but you don’t need a lawyer for any step in the criminal process. It is your right to have a lawyer, however, and we think you should have a lawyer with you any time you have any contact with the police, the DA, the government, or the courts on any matter that could lead to criminal liability.

Generally, DATs will not usually result in a criminal record, although we have seen situations where a criminal defendant was issued a DAT by the police in matters that resulted in misdemeanor charges. Usually the most exposure you face with a DAT is a violation. A violation is not a criminal conviction, but it still can have negative consequences for you which an experienced criminal attorney can mitigate.


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