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If you have been charged with a crime alleged to have been committed against a family member, ex-spouse, or girlfriend, the District Attorney may treat those charges as a domestic violence case and afford it special treatment.

In New York City, the prosecutor’s offices have dedicated assistant DA’s who handle domestic violence cases, and they have a reputation for being particularly tough opponents. You need an experienced criminal defense attorney to fight for you. Robert Reuland has handled many such cases, from spousal rape to domestic murder, and he can help you.


What’s a DV case?

The Penal Law in New York does not set out a list of crimes called “domestic violence.” Instead, the DA will treat certain violent crimes as “DV” cases when the relationship between the defendant and the complainant or victim shows a family or quasi-familial relationship.

For instance, if the victim is your husband, or your former girlfriend, or your child, the DA may assign the matter to the DV bureau for special handling.

DV crimes generally include the following:


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