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What is a juvenile offense?

The Penal Law of New York recognizes that the full weight of the law should not always fall on criminal defendants who are not yet adults. The law does not define certain crimes as “juvenile offense,” but instead can treat persons charged with a crime less than 18 as “juvenile offenders” or “youthful offenders.”

Briefly, juvenile offender (JO) status can be granted to persons aged 13 to 15 charged with one of a number of serious felonies. A youth given JO status is tried in Family Court, not as an adult in Supreme Court.

Youthful offender (YO) treatment on the other hand can be afforded persons aged 16 to 18. Such persons are tried in Supreme Court as adults but are given special consideration.

Whether a young criminal defendant is given JO or YO treatment depends on his age, his crime, and the discretion of the court.

Therefore, if you child has been arrested, you need to treat the matter just as seriously as you would if he were an adult. Do not assume that because your child is young that he will be relieved of all criminal liability for his alleged conduct.

If anything, treat an arrest of your child more seriously than you would treat the arrest of an adult. Unless the matter is handled professionally, the arrest could result in a conviction that will stain your child for the remainder of his life.

We have considerable experience with cases involving juvenile and youthful offenders, and we can help you through this difficult situation.


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