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Don’t wait until you’re arrested!

You’ve heard it before, but the best defense is often a strong offense. Sometimes the smartest way to defend against a criminal charge is to ensure that criminal charges are never brought in the first place.

Often you will have no warning: the police will simply arrive at your door and handcuff you. At other times, however, you may learn that the police consider you a “person of interest,” or you may hear that they “want to ask you a few questions.” In these situations, it is advisable to consult with an experienced criminal lawyer to see where things stand.


Don’t help the cops put you in jail

If the police are intent on placing you under arrest, then having an attorney in place early on can prevent the police from doing what they do best: getting you to talk. The police have been shown to take advantage of people unrepresented by counsel. In our practice, we see it time and again: the police will pick you up, read you your rights, then proceed to take a statement from you that makes the case against you.

Don’t talk! Remember Robert’s Rule No. 1: Shut up.

The police are not your friends. They’re not looking for “your side” of the story. They want to put you in jail. Don’t help them put you in jail. When the police ring your doorbell, be polite, be cooperative, but keep you mouth shut and give them the phone number of your attorney.

In addition to keeping the police from using you as a witness to help them make their case against you, an experienced criminal trial attorney can also arrange for your surrender under conditions that are not humiliating and ease the processing of your arrest.

In other cases, when possible, our aim is to avoid your arrest altogether. If the police have rushed to judgment in a misguided effort to close out an open case, we can intervene early in the process and educate them about the true facts. If we have a strong defense, such as an alibi, and if we can interpose that early enough with the police, before the ball gets rolling, we prevent the nightmare of your false arrest from even beginning.


To testify in the Grand Jury or not?

Even if we are unable to dissuade the police from arresting you, or if you have already been arrested, we have had success in mounting a defense in the grand jury, which is the body that must issue the indictment to allow felony charges to lie. You have a right to testify in the grand jury. Sometimes it may help. Often, however, it is unhelpful to testify in the grand jury, and frequently you can damage your case by doing so.

Yet, after considering the pros and cons, and being properly prepared, our clients have testified successfully in the grand jury.

Remember, the earlier you get an experience criminal lawyer on your side, the more good he can do for you.


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